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The Birnbeck Missive….

The Birnbeck Social group has evolved from the members of Birnbeck Lodge who meet in Weston s Mare, as a further social gathering of friends and brothers. Under the Stewardship of Iain Hall-Scott, it meets in and around Weston every 4 to 6 weeks for a midweek catch up, a few beers and possibly a meal, if anyone fancies it.

The Birnbeck Missive

The group started several years ago and is gradually increasing in numbers, whilst not high level carousing, it is very convivial and something which everyone looks forward to. The group have found it a good way to really get to know each other, which then helps with the workings of the Lodge. They have also found that it really helps the newer members to feel included and pat of the fraternity.

Guests who are non Mason’s are also welcome, which gives the added bonus in that potential new members can come, have a great time, and then may look to formally join. If you are interested in coming along please contact Iain (iain@hallscott.co.uk) or the Lodge secretary Jon Taylor

Cheers to the next merry meeting.

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