Secretary / Scribe E

Information and Resources for Craft Lodge Secretaries and Royal Arch Scribe Ezras

The role of Secretary/Scribe Ezra is a very important one. The Lodge secretary/scribe E handles all the administration and keeps a record of the proceedings. He is responsible for issuing the summons for each meeting and making returns to Grand and Provincial Grand Lodge/Chapter. It is also his duty to assist the Worshipful Master/Principles in the smooth running of the Lodge/Chapter and to help him to enjoy his year in the chair.
The jewel is two quill pens in saltire.


Provincial Grand Secretary: Mike Greedy  📧 Mike Greedy ☎ 07926 072799
Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary: Steve Beach 📧 Steve Beach ☎ 07979 778793

Provincial Grand Scribe E: Charlie Barker 📧 Charlie Barker ☎ 07904 736942
Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe E: Simon Sparkes 📧 Simon Sparkes ☎ 07773 954868

Documents and Information

1.Provincial forms

2. The Book of Constitutions is available in its most up to date version online at the UGLE web site.

3. Craft Guides and References

4. Chapter Guides and References

5. Further Information

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