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Where have all the organists gone?

This year Somerset is celebrating 25 years of creating organ music for the specific use in Masonic lodges, during meetings and ceremonies. Adrian Moore a member of the Benevolent Lodge, in Wells noticed a distinct lack of Masonic organists available for lodges.

By Chance Adrian was seated next to the Reverend Ivan Fowler at a Masonic dinner and got chatting about the use of music during ceremonies; to his surprise Adrian discovered that Ivan had a three manual digital organ keyboard, similar to that used in Cathedrals, at home in his conservatory.

WBro Adrian Moore

Ivan is a very experienced organist, having performed recitals at home and abroad, the seed was sown. recording sessions were arranged, copyrights cleared and an in 1998 MasonicMEDIA was born. As Adrian is a former BBC radio producer, this was all second nature to him, as he thrived on developing Plan B’s!

The digital music, created in Somerset by Adrian and Ivan can now be heard at Masonic Meetings all over the world!

Rev Ivan Fowler at his Viscount Organ

The full article is published here in the UGLE Blog page for Somerset.

Adrian and Ivans music can be found at https://www.masonicmedia.co.uk/

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