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Abbey Lodge donate £3000 to Children’s Hospice Southwest

The Charity Steward (Brian Hook), Treasurer (Derek Francis) and Worshipful Master (Paul Giblin) were treated to a tour of Charlton Farm to see the work done there by Children’s Hospice Southwest on their recent visit to present a Lodge donation of £3000

Children’s Hospice Southwest has been a designated charity for many years with funds raised from Lodge raffles and regular giving by members.

Charlton Farm aims to help and support families who face the emotional and physical strain of caring for children who, sadly, are not expected to live into adulthood. This does not make Charlton Farm a sad place, although sadnesses are faced together. Charlton Farm is a place of love, happiness and friendship. They hope to provide a haven, a place where children and their families can be nurtured and cosseted, returning home with renewed vigour and a sense of anticipation for the next visit. 

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