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Travelling Trowel goes from Farmers to Prudence and Industry …. Ooooh Arrr!

Tiz the evening of Wednesday 21st December, at the Lodge of Prudence and Industry (Chard) when an inexplicably number of Ooohhh Arrr’s were heard from the Brethren, to the wonderment of all there, what was going on they wondered? It was the Brethren from the Somerset Farmers Lodge in attendance, bringing the Travelling Trowel with them.

The acting Master, Colin Vigar, lead the team in the formal presentation, ably supported by many members of the Farmers Lodge, including the Past PGM Stanley Hopkins and the current APGM Richard Winter. The Trowel was received by Harry Poole the current Master of Prudence and Industry.

The atmosphere was convivial and warm which extended from the formal meeting to the Festive Board, where a number of guests joined them for a festive white table experience.

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