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Olympian Lodge 9703 Provincial Grand Masters final outing

At the last regular meeting (9th Sept) of Olympian Lodge we were honoured to be able to host R.W.Bro. David Medlock on his last lodge visit in Somerset before he is Installed as Assistant Grand Master at Great Queen Street next Wednesday (14th Sept).

R.W.Bro. David was invited by Olympian Lodges’ Primus Master, W.Bro. Arnie Mason, and was accompanied by W.Bro. Tony Guthrie APGM who drove him so that he could make the most of the evening.

Following the sad death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the previous day the meeting could have been a sombre event but after marking her passing with a period of silent reflection the mood lightened and we were treated to a fine passing ceremony.

A Presentation of a Grand Lodge Certificate to our latest Master Mason, Bro. Lt Col James Chiswell followed. W.Bro. Phil Voisey delivered a walking explanation of the certificate before inviting the PGM to make the presentation.

The formalities were concluded with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem, with “God Save The King” being sung for the first time.

There followed a typically enjoyable Nailsea festive board at which the PGM responded, not to his own toast, but on behalf of the visitors. Needless to say this was done in his own inimitable and humorous style much to the entertainment of those present. At the conclusion the diners stood and applauded the PGM.

R.W.Bro David Medlock Presenting Grand Lodge Certificate
The PGM responding to the Visitors Toast
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