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A Scottish Constitution Lodge in Nairobi you say?!?

The evening of Thursday 22nd January saw Exmoor Lodge No 2390, Minehead, Install their new Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Bob King.

The Provincial Grand Registrar, W.Bro. Guy Adams, representing the PGM, accompanied by Provincial Assistant Grand D.C. W.Bro John Townsend, joined the Brethren and their guests to enjoy the occasion of the Installation and the festive board afterwards.

W.Bro Clive Dunster opened the Lodge and then Installed Bob as Worshipful Master according to ancient custom. This marked the end of Clive’s two consecutive years as Master, and the second time he has been Master of Exmoor Lodge.

At the closing of the Lodge, W.Bro. Bob remembered W.Bro. Ralph Dinnick, who was summoned to The Grand Lodge Above on 15th October 2021. Ralph was Senior Warden and Master Elect of the Lodge at that time and was due to be Installed as Master on that evening. As a tribute to our Absent Brother, Ralph, the National Anthem of Wales was sung by W.Bro Mark Pearce of St Bernard Lodge, who also very kindly acted as Tyler for the meeting. A vase of daffodils also graced each table at the festive board as a mark of remembrance.

L-R. W.Bro’s John Townsend ProvAGDC, Installing Master Clive Dunster,
WM Bob King, Guy Adams ProvGReg

Bob’s route to Exmoor Lodge’s Masters’ Chair has been a rather circuitous one…………….

He was Initiated into Freemasonry as a Lewis on 13th June 1989 by Lodge Scotia 1008, which operates within the Scottish Constitution in Nairobi, Kenya!                    He served in all of the Lodge’s floor offices before becoming Master on 11th May 1999. He was also a joining member of Mount Longonot Lodge 1813 at Lake Naivasha, Nairobi.

Bob is a retired Technical Administrator, whose work in the field of livestock development to alleviate the country’s poverty, kept him employed in Kenya from 1980 until 2007.

He became a very active and committed Mason whilst in Kenya, joining Holy Royal Arch, Rose Croix, Mark and the Royal Order of Scotland.

Bob became a UGLE Mason in February 2014, having returned to the UK, whereupon he joined the Lodge of St Peter in Exeter, before relocating to Blue Anchor in 2017 where he now lives with his wife, Sally.

He joined Exmoor Lodge that same year, since when, his enthusiasm and support in Lodge, and also as a Director of the Minehead Masonic Hall Company, has been much admired and greatly appreciated. The Brethren of Exmoor Lodge look forward to supporting him during his year.

Posted by W. Bro Andy Baird. LCO Exmoor Lodge and PGLS ACO SW.

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