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Taunton Deane Lodge 0 to 50 quickly!

The meeting of Taunton Deane Lodge on 6th January had everything from a family initiation to a Masonic Veteran 50th Certificate presentation.

Left to right, W.Bro Gary Judd, Bro Oliver Judd, Bro Wayne Judd and Junior Deacon Bro Nick Judd.
Standing behind are Senior Deacon Peter Roworth and Master of the Lodge Robin Cassell.

After opening the Lodge, Master Robin Cassell handed the gavel to W.Bro Gary Judd to conduct the initiation of his son Oliver. The candidate was conducted through his initiation in exemplary fashion by the Junior Deacon, his brother Nick Judd! Other members on the Judd family were also in attendance to witness this very special event. Junior Warden Andy Williams gave Oliver a superb rendering of the Charge after Initiation.

The ceremony was followed by the presentation of a certificate celebrating 50 years in Freemasonry to W.Bro John Williams PPrGJW. This pleasant task was carried out by V.W.Bro Ray Guthrie fifty years exactly after John was initiated on 6th January 1970.

John was born in Taunton and attended Taunton School, after College he worked in the family building business, CS Williams Ltd for 50 years before retiring in 2010.

John was Master of Taunton Deane Lodge in 1985 has also served as Charity Steward and Chaplain from 2003 to 2007. He joined Taunton School in 1980 were he was master in 2000 and went on to be DC in 2002, a position he held for 16 years until 2018. He is now the Senior Deacon of the Lodge

In the Province you were appointed a Provincial Steward in 1991 and subsequently promoted to past Provincial Senior Deacon, further promotion to Past Provincial Junior Warden came in 2000.

Ray Guthrie presents W.Bro John Williams with his certificate celebrating 50 years in Masonry

John said after the presentation that he had really enjoyed his fifty years, he considered it a great privilege to be a Freemason. Although much had changed in the world in the last fifty years, Freemasonry had remained constant source of friendship and good company.

At the festive board the new initiate was welcomed by the brethren signing the Entered Apprentice song led by the Lodge chorister, W.Bro Peter Rowarth.

Photos by W.Bro Andrew Barrett

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