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St Alphege Lodge’s 2020 Vision

During the build-up to St Alphege Lodge’s Centenary in 2020 it was decided to celebrate the occasion by supporting five local charities for which the Master Elect had some affinity: that was the vision anyway!

Covid lockdowns and restrictions having delayed everything, the opportunity finally arose to arrange visits and presentations.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance were the first to benefit and when asked what would be their predominant wish, their appeal for new Night-Vision Goggles was an obvious choice; searching through the gloom seeming rather appropriate somehow!

As soon as they were able to receive visitors, they invited a group from St Alphege Lodge to visit their very impressive, purpose built, new HQ in Semington, Near Trowbridge.

After a tour of the operations room and hanger, their helicopter, arrived just in time to provide the perfect back drop for a cheque presentation.

Often seen flying overhead taking casualties to the Royal United Hospital in Bath, is a frequent reminder of the invaluable service provided by Wiltshire Air Ambulance; the glamorous perception belying the seriousness of their daily missions.

David Hogg
WM St Alphege Lodge

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