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W. Bro. John Elmont celebrates 50 years in Masonry

King Alfred Lodge No 3169 held its first virtual informal meeting on 11th December to give Brethren the chance to great each other before Christmas. This however provided a very important opportunity for brethren to look forward to congratulating five of their lodge members, over the next year, who will all achieve the landmark of 50 years in Freemasonry.

The first of these is W. Bro. John Elmont PPrSGW who was initiated into the King Alfred Lodge on 13th November 1970. John, whose father died when he was very young, was educated at the Royal Masonic Schools, both Junior and Senior, where he said the Masons “fed, clothed and educated him for the best part of a decade.”

Over the years John has worked through most of the offices in the Lodge (including washing up, …but not as organist!) and he sees this as one way of saying “thank you”, and endeavouring to repay his debt to freemasonry in general, and King Alfred Lodge in particular. He has always helped so many new members to appreciate progressing through the lodge, and with his precise knowledge of the ceremonies, strives to ensure these are always performed to the highest of standards. Being a very keen contributor to the social aspects of Masonry, John has helped to ensure the fun and enjoyment of some excellent Ladies nights and charity evenings. In the role of Treasurer of the lodge he has been a judicious caretaker of its funds for many years.

The virtual get together gave the opportunity for the Master of King Alfred W. Bro. Phil Lewis to propose a very special Toast to W. Bro. John to celebrate his admission into the list of Masonic Veterans.  John thanked the Worshipful Master for his entertaining toast, and responded with a very eloquent reply.

He reflected on how the last year had been difficult with COVID 19 and lockdowns, but with the help of friendship, resilience and fortitude we will all meet again in the new year with a revigorated return to normality and hopefully full of robust health and enthusiasm.

While together the brethren did agree to provide the Salvation Army with some Children’s Christmas presents and to also make donations for the Weston food bank.

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