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Mike’s magnificent Marathon for the Poppy Appeal!

I started just after first light about 07.50 on 11 November at Norton Manor and ran along by the River Parrett  to Burrow Bridge and of course up the hill to the church.  I then retraced my steps back to Langport and observed the 2 minutes silence at the Huish and Langport War memorial.  That was about 13 mile or 21k.  

I then headed out again cross country along the river bank to Muchelney, Midney pumping station and then eventually Drayton. on to Curry Rivel, where I observed a quiet moment at the War Memorial and the restocked with supplies from the garage.  Total so far 20.

I picked up the trails to the Pynsent Monument and carried on through to Swell woods.  I then ran up the path and crossed the main road where I picked up the Holden’ way trail which took me back to Drayton.  It was chucking it down so  I took sanctuary at the Church and had some food.  This was about mile 24. 

Back via Cross Country trail to Frog Lane just outside Langport.  Now it was up the old Railway line and reached the Marathon distance at the top of the path 26.2 miles or 42k.   The weather by now wasn’t good.  I ran back along the river bank to Black Bridge and along the new riverbank path to Langport.

Climb up Library Hill to ‘the World Famous’ Portcullis home for a picture and at that point had 3 miles left to go.   I carried on back to ‘Norton Towers’ to refuel and ask Mrs Norton to put the kettle on. I then finished the last couple of miles. 7hrs 49 mins in total having run over 31 miles and 50k.

I have been supported to the tune of £786. Which I am delighted with as I thought I might raise a couple of Hundred guineas at most.  

All the very best Bro Mike Norton FC of the world famous Portcullis Lodge No 2038

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