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Pro Grand Master Address Quarterly Communication – “Yes, if” …….

Jonathan Spence UGLE at Freemasons Hall London UK © Vicki Couchman Photographer 07957226911

At the last Quarterly communication on the 13th December 2022, the Pro Grand Master Jonathon Spence gave his address, outlining the future strategy of Freemasonry for the coming years.

He emphasised the bond between Craft and the Royal Arch as well as continuing the theme laid down by David Medlock and continued by Ray Guthrie, Masonry is to be enjoyable and we most move away from the No but … “we have always done it this way” to the more positive “Yes, if” attitude, so if new things need too be tried, lets work together to make them work; be it a change in start time or a double ceremony. To quote:

“I know the Metropolitan, District and Provincial Rulers and their teams are ready to play their part fully in implementing the strategy. I know Brethren if we are all willing to adopt “yes, if” and are willing to innovate and learn, then I am confident with your support and full engagement we can and will succeed.”

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