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Comms Academy comes to Somerset

At the United Grand Lodge of England Communications Academy, held at Bath Masonic Hall on 31st July, Somerset Freemasons were treated to an inspiring experience. Organised by the UGLE Membership and Communications team, the event aimed to address the Membership Challenge and explore effective communication strategies within Freemasonry.

The evening commenced with an insightful talk by Shaun Butler, the Director of Membership and Communications. He emphasised practical approaches to attract new members and highlighted the power of paid social media advertising in reaching potential candidates. 

Marta Zandri, Comms Manager and FMT Editorial Manager, then guided attendees on the art of storytelling through blog and magazine submissions to Freemasonry Today. Her expertise in crafting compelling articles showcased the vibrant tapestry of Freemasonry, showing others how to share their Lodge’s stories with a broader audience.

Shay Aziz, Comms Executive and proud Somerset Freemason, took the stage next, captivating the audience with social media best practices. Somerset Freemasons learned to create engaging content and foster an interactive online community, enabling them to strengthen their bonds of brotherhood and connect with Freemasons worldwide!

Throughout the event, the atmosphere was welcoming and conducive to interaction, allowing participants to network and share ideas freely. The UGLE Communications Team’s dedication in supporting our initiatives to enhance communication skills and contribute to Freemasonry’s growth, was evident.

As observed by attendees, the UGLE Comms Academy provided invaluable tools and strategies to promote Freemasonry in the Somerset community and beyond. The lessons learned from this event will undoubtedly be applied to strengthen local Lodges and ensure the fraternity’s prosperity.

Gratitude was extended to the organisers, speakers, and fellow attendees for making the UGLE Comms Academy a resounding success! Somerset Freemasons left the event ready to face the Membership Challenge and contribute to a thriving and connected Freemasonry movement. As the journey continues, the impact made by the community will be watched and celebrated! 

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