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Gordano Lodge 6224 Welcomes Brother Mihaita

Last night was the lodges first time doing a first degree ceramony for a couple of years, I had the greatest honour to be a joining member recently and awarded by the WM to be his JD.

The ceremony was quite simply first class, WBro Paul Hinkley the WM lead his officers magnificently, each and every officer knowing their part to play so well, I was truly humbled to be amongst such great Men and Freemasons, our candidate and newly made Brother Mihaita Gradinaru was absolutely brilliant and one of the best EA Candidates I had ever seen, let alone had the privilege to lead around for his initiation, mere word or photos just do not do the WM, and my fellow Gordano officers or this fantastic ceremony the justice it deserves, such a wonderful inspirational and supportive lodge especially to a rough Ole country boy like me.

The festive board or after meeting as it’s known, again mere words or photos just do not do this justice, the speeches and toasts were excellent, the Masonic Chain was performed beautifully and is one of my favourite pieces of ritual, the initiate Bro Mihaita Gradinaru really did take this in so well.

Jovialness and Cameraderie of Brotherly Love overflowing throughout the room with good Men and Freemasons so happy to be in each others company, even when I nicked VWBro Martin Slocombe’s roast potatoe this drew a great deal of laughter and applause.

A truly wonderful humbling night spent with some of the finest men you will find in this land. I cannot urge all Men and indeed Women to consider becoming a Freemason, if charity is at your core and you want to be the very best version of yourself you can be, the Freemasonry is for you, click on the Somerset website link below or drop me a line and I will point you Eastwards towards the light SMIB. 


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