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Our Provincial Grand Charity Steward W.Bro Graham Puddy, recently met with a Wayne Stokes who is a Village Agent covering West Somerset As they are currently running a scheme where they are recycling mobile phones to people that otherwise would not have access to one.
Could you REHOME your old phone?
By donating an unused phone to us, YOU can help reduce loneliness and isolation for people in West Somerset, as well as help in their everyday lives such as doing their shopping online and staying connected to friends and family. Could you REHOME your old phone?
We will :
✅ refurbish the phone
✅ remove any personal data
✅ provide the new owner with a SIM card
✅ support them to use the phone with video tutorials and install apps that will help them to keep in touch with their loved one
✅ Check your ‘bits and bobs’ drawer where old devices lurk waiting to be loved again!
To donate, please contact our Village Agent Wayne Stokes on: Email: Mob: 07538 316526
Here’s what one 78 year old recipient said:
“I never thought I would be able to own or use a mobile phone, but my Village Agent got me a second hand one that looked like new! For free! She taught me how to use it, which I thought would be difficult, I now keep in touch with my family abroad, my grand children, and I order my shopping on it from the supermarket. It has made a huge difference to me and I don’t feel so lonely. “

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