Adair Chapter No 1750

Meets at – The Masonic Hall, Albert Road, Clevedon BS21 7RN at 18:45 on the fourth
Wednesday. Months – January, March, May and October.

The Adair Chapter was consecrated in Clevedon in 1888 and has met continuously since that date. It was named after Col. Alexander William Adair who was the Grand Superintendent from 1880 until 1889. There are three Chapters in Somerset that carry the name of a Grand Superintendent, Dungarvan, Adair and Calderley, all of these three Chapters were consecrated by the Grand superintendents after whom they are named but Adair is the only one that was actually consecrated by the Grand Superintendent when he was actually in office.

The foundations of Adair Chapter were laid some ten years before its consecration when, through the determined efforts of twelve members of the Lodge of Agriculture No. 1199 , Coleridge Lodge was consecrated on the 17th August 1878. At that time the Lodge of Agriculture held its meetings at the Ship and Castle Hotel in Congresbury and the consecration of this new Lodge brought Freemasonry to Clevedon for the first time.

Coleridge Lodge flourished and in 1887 the same Bro. Long proposed that a Chapter of the Royal Arch Degree be attached to the Lodge. The proposition was seconded by Bro. Rivers.


The Central Banner is the Banner of Adair Chapter and is used on all occasions that Convocations are held at Clevedon

The tradition that Clevedon Lodges took the names from amongst the Poets so closely associated with the town had obviously not been established because they instead adopted the name of the first Grand Superintendent of the newly established Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset.   The first Minute book begins with the words, The consecration meeting of the Adair Chapter No.1750 was held at the Town Hall, Clevedon on the on Friday the 6th January 1888. The Town Hall, Assembly Rooms, Masonic Rooms and Public Hall have all been used to describe this building in Albert Road. It was not until 1925 that part of the building was purchased by Coleridge Lodge and converted into Clevedon Masonic Hall.  

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