Wraxall Lodge 9011 Celebrate Founders Day

Officers and Brethren of  Wraxall Lodge, attended a very special lunch at Nailsea Masonic Hall on Sunday the 11th November To celebrate a very special occasion, which was the 40th Anniversary to the very day of the Consecration of  Wraxall Lodge No 9011, A very special welcome was made by W.Bro Steve Chapman who proposed a warm and welcoming toast to our Founding Brethren and Lodge widows and their families.

We had the pleasure of enjoying the company of two of the three remaining Founders on this most important occasion  –  W.Bro Bill Jefford and Bro Peter Newsham. Sadly our third remaining Founder W.Bro Ray Pearce is now at the age of 98 and finds it a little difficult to get around, but I know he would love to of been at the lunch celebrating with us, and I’m sure he was thinking of the last 40 years since the consecration of this most respected and much loved lodge which he has played a huge part in over the years. A huge thankyou to all who supported this event, and a very special thankyou to W.Bro Steve Chapman for all his hard work in making the day a success.

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