Lodges meeting in Langport

Two Lodges meet at the Masonic, St Mary`s Chapel, The Hill, Langport TA10 9QF

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The Hanging Chapel (more formally known as the Chantry Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is a 13th-century archway, bearing a Perpendicular building known as the Hanging Chapel. It became a Masonic Hall in 1891 and is currently leased by the Town Council to Portcullis Lodge

Portcullis Lodge No 2038

Meets at 18:30 except Feb, on the second Thursday
Months – Jan, Feb (17:00), Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec.

You will no doubt be extremely pleased to hear that the world famous Portcullis Masonic Lodge No 2038 was warranted by The United Grand Lodge of England in 1884, and meets at the very centre of the known world in the very bijou ‘Hanging Chapel’ in the vast metropolis of Langport, in the sunny Masonic Province of Somerset.
Acclaimed throughout her Majesties entire Realm for its hearty warm welcome with a goodly reputation for splendid ceremony and ritual. Portcullis is well known for it relaxed and friendly atmosphere, were the only pressure is to enjoy being a Freemason to the very best of your ability.
Meetings kick off at precisely 6.30ish on the evening of the 2nd Thursday of each month. Except June, July and August when a well deserved holiday is strictly observed. Formal meetings at the ‘Hanging Chapel’ last a couple of hours and all manor of spectacular masonic attainment is celebrated within. After which the Brethren and their guests make their way down the hill to the Langport Arms Hotel, where an excellent feast and much merriment is partaken of in true Portcullis fashion.
This Lodge is a very sociable organisation with Sunday lunches, an annual charity Ball, skittles nights and ladies diners on Lodge nights, for those who like to get out and about.
The current Lodge membership hails from as far away as Antigua, Bristol and Scotland with many from more local areas of Somerset. They are from every conceivable profession and back ground with a wide experience of life. Some of our new members love to get involved at the very heart of our rituals and are assisted by the more senior members to progress though the offices of the lodge to ‘the Chair’ and beyond if they so wish. While others display their masonic talents in other ways. And some are happy to simply experience the pleasure of being present at good hearted enjoyable meetings with friends. Everyone has something to bring to the party as far as we are concerned here at Portcullis.
Potential Candidate for membership If you conceder yourself an honest and upright man, who’s actions are guided by truth and Justice, over 21 years of age and charity warms your heart. You will be more than welcome to contact us at Portcullis to discuss becoming a Freemason and possibly a member of this world famous Lodge, because you are already in possession of some of the qualities we admire.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Ian Moore

Visit our provincial webpage Here

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Somerset Farmers Lodge No 9180

Meets at 18:30 except March; on the fourth Monday
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar (17:00), Sep, Oct and Nov

The Lodge was formed in 1986 at Bruton Masonic Hall.  The Somerset Farmers’ Lodge was consecrated according to ancient usage using corn from a Bruton farm, wine from a Bruton vineyard, oil from Somerset rape and salt.  The opening hymn would be ‘We plough the fields and scatter’.

Our Lodge meets at St Mary’s Chapel, The Hill, (locally known as “The Hanging Chapel”) Langport, Somerset SN13 0HT. Parking for members and visitors is available on the road, alternatively there is a free car park in Langport which is just off the bottom of the hill.  Meetings are held at 6.30 pm on the fourth Monday in January, February, March, September, October and November.

The meetings of The Somerset Farmer’s Lodge have a warmth of friendship and relaxation which attracts many visitors.  There are many ‘Farming’ Lodges in the country and we also like to visit those in adjoining counties.  All who visit us confirm that it is a very friendly Lodge.

The ideal candidate for the Lodge will share our values, which are built around having a positive impact on society and becoming better people.  Membership is open to any man over 21 regardless of background or religion, or ethnicity, especially those with an agricultural connection.  As with all Freemasonry, neither religion nor politics are discussed at meetings.

It is important that candidates understand the time and cost commitments they are making when seeking membership and that they can expect to attend meetings, rehearsals and practices regularly.

Members are expected to wear a dark suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes at all meetings.

Contact the Alan Holton: Alan Holton

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