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Masonic Circle completed at Royal Naval Lodge

The Royal Naval Lodge, recently held a very special evening, which completed both ends of the Masonic circle. John Rawlins gave a very moving eulogy to his father, John W Rawlins, who recently passed away. In fact John Rawlins senior was one of the main instigators of the Royal Naval Lodge moving from its original home in Malta to it’s new home in Yeovil.

At the other end of the circle, the new Master Al Watkins, initiated his son (now brother) Josh Watkins, in what was an excellent ceremony. The Working Tools were presented to Josh by his God Father Adam Miller, completing the family theme of the evening.

At this meeting John Rawlins senior, was supposed to be receiving his 60 year certificate from the PGM Ray Guthrie, as he was there as the special guest of the Lodge. so Ray presented it to his son John Rawlins junior instead.

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