Lodges meeting in Yeovil

Four Lodges meet at The Masonic Hall, Hendford, Yeovil BA20 1TQ

Members of the Lodge of Brotherly Love organised the construction of the purpose built Yeovil Masonic Hall in 1894, which was significantly extended by all the Yeovil Lodges in 1996 providing excellent facilities for all who use the building.

Disabled Access: Difficult; access to building by 14 steep steps. There is a lift and stairs for access to the temple. Toilets on ground floor

Approaching from East A30 & North A37 etc. – avoid town centre – continue towards A37 South then, joining with other routes from West A30, A303 and A3088, at R/Abt (Coopers Mill (PH)/Railway Inn), follow signs to Town Centre and Octagon Theatre along Hendford. MH is opposite Manor Hotel, large PCP at rear.

Yeovil Masonic Veterans Lunch Meetings

This initiative set up so enthusiastically by the late W Bro Tony Robins, was well supported and was too good and too valuable a gathering for us to let it slip away or lapse.

The date of the next meeting at the Bell Inn, 207 Preston Rd, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 2EW, will be found in the “Future Events” item on the home page. All Masons are welcome together with wives, partners, family and friends to join this informal get together. Brethren of all the Yeovil Lodges are cordially invited to drop in for a coffee or beer and a chat, maybe lunch. The Bell has an excellent and wide menu with meals for all tastes and prices.

For more details or if you need help with transport please contact Mike Waterman

Lodge of Brotherly Love No 329

Meets on the Wednesday on or before the Full Moon except Jan
Months – Jan (2nd Wednesday at 17:00 Installation), Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec

The Lodge of Brotherly Love 329 was founded in 1810 in Martock with the meetings being held in a room at the rear of the George Inn opposite the Church. The Lodge meets nine times a year from September to May and historically meets on the Wednesday on or before the full moon in order to light the way home for the Brethren. The meetings usually commence at 6.30pm and after the meeting the Brethren retire to the dining hall for the “Festive Board”, evening meal.

We welcome all, whatever your job, profession or background. There is only one defining requirement to joining Masonry and that is a belief in a Supreme Being. It is important of course to have the full support of your partner/family when considering joining a Masonic Lodge

If you are looking for an organisation for comradeship and a sense of belonging with a view to intellectual and moral improvement and are prepared to commit to attending our regular meetings then Masonry in general and Brotherly Love in particular are for you.

Brotherly Love has its own Website, available to anyone at www.yeovilfreemasons.Org

Contact the Lodge Secretary: John Pinder

Royal Naval Lodge No 2761

Meets at 18:00 on the second Friday
Months – Feb, Apr, Sep, Oct and Dec (Installation 17:00)

Warranted in 1899, the Lodge was consecrated on the island of Malta. The Royal Naval Lodge transferred to the Province of Somerset on January 2nd 1987.

The Lodge meets at The Masonic Hall, Yeovil, on the 2nd Fridays in February, April, September, October and December. Meetings start at 1800, with the evening culminating with a festive board (dinner).

As the Lodge name suggests we have predominantly a Naval membership (serving and past), today, the lodge members consist of brethren from all threes services, both ex and serving members of all ranks, along with a wide selection of brethren who have no connection with the armed services, but wanted to join a lodge with a strong spirit of comradeship, long traditions and to be among brethren they would be happy to call shipmate.

We pride ourselves as being a friendly bunch, warm and welcoming. We have striven to maintain the traditions of the Lodge that were set by our founders both, in our ceremonies and at the festive board, such ‘Hands to Dinner’ being piped, and a tot of rum for all at the festive board.

An ideal candidate would be someone looking for comradeship within an established framework, who wants to put something back to the local and wider community, who is able and prepared to commit to the regular meetings of the Lodge, and importantly has full support of their family. Existing Masons of any background, maybe new to the area, wishing to continue their Masonry are always welcome to join us.

If you would like to find out more about the Royal Naval Lodge or Masonry in general please do not hesitate to contact our secretary.


Contact the Lodge Secretary: Scott Gibbons

Link to Web Site

Progressive Science Lodge No 5007

Meets on the first Tuesday at 18:30 except as below
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct(Installation 17:15), Nov (18:30) and Dec(18:00)

Progressive Science Lodge is a traditional Freemasons’ Lodge in the Province of Somerset.
The Lodge is one of four Craft Lodges located in Yeovil Somerset and was founded in 1928 and is
proud of its long history and is known as a warm and friendly Lodge.

The Lodge meets regularly on the first Tuesday of the month in October, November, December,
February, March, April and May. The October meeting is the annual installation of the new
Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. Our regular meetings start at 6:30pm except for the
Installation meeting at 5:15pm and the December meeting at 6.00pm.

Membership comprises individuals from all backgrounds and In addition to the regular meetings and Festive Board the Lodge has social and informal gatherings where we invite and encourage family and friends to join us. We give a warm welcome to new members and encourage them to take an active part in the Lodge, as this helps them to make new friends and gain a better understanding of Freemasonry.

An ideal candidate would be someone looking for comradeship within an established framework,
who wants to enjoy and contribute to Lodge activities and is prepared to commit to the regular
meetings and can afford the costs of membership, including charitable donations.

We would encourage any man over 21, with ‘strict morals and upright intensions’ with a belief in a Supreme Being, and the support of their family to join us. We also welcome any existing Freemason looking to join a new Lodge.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Peter Fell

Corinthian Pillar Lodge No 7552

Meets at 18.30 except as below; on the third Friday
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar (Installation 17:00), Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec (17:30)

Corinthian Pillar Lodge No. 7552 is situated in the Province of Somerset and meets at the Masonic Hall, Hendford, Yeovil.  The Lodge meets eight times per year from September to April on the third Friday of each month. 

Membership is drawn from a wide spectrum of personnel with backgrounds both civil and military.  The latter group includes both serving and retired personnel who find the excellent camaraderie and companionship within Freemasonry very rewarding, particularly for those who have recently retired and are missing service life.

The lodge holds a number of social events throughout the year and are in most cases open to invited non-masonic guests.  Masonic Open Days are open to the public.  The premier Lodge event is the yearly Ladies Festival held by the current Master to celebrate the support given by member’s wives, partners and families.

New members are very welcome and further information on joining Freemasonry can be found online through the UGLE, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset, local libraries or Masonic Centres Open Days.  Any man interested in becoming a member should be over the age of 21 years and have a belief in a ‘Supreme Being’.  For ladies who may wish to become a Freemason there are many Ladies Lodges throughout the Somerset Province to which they could apply.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Alan Holton

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