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The Brethren of Exmoor Lodge welcome their new Entered Apprentice, Bro. Peter Welch.

On Thursday 16th February, the Brethren of Exmoor Lodge and their guests at Minehead Masonic Hall were delighted to welcome a new Brother into Freemasonry, as Bro Peter Welch was Initiated.

Peter, a former Police Officer, who retired to Minehead a few years ago, was proposed into The Craft by W. Bro Tony Everett, whom he got to know as a neighbour.

Exmoor Lodge’s new made Brother thoroughly enjoyed his Initiation ceremony, which was carried out by the WM and his team of officers amid a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Exmoor’s WM, John Munson, was also pleased to receive, as guests, our APGM, Richard Winter and also, W.Bro Julian Townsend, who is also currently The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, in and over, the Province of Nottinghamshire.

Julian grew up in Minehead, only leaving the town in 1979 when he went off to study at university before embarking on his new career in Nottinghamshire. His return to visit family in the area, on this occasion, coincided with Exmoor’s meeting, so he decided to come along and meet the Brethren inside the building that he remembered wondering about during his formative years. His warm welcome into the Lodge gave rise to his very pleasing response to the Visitors’ Toast at the festive board.

Julian Townsend, Nottinghamshire MEGS & APGM Richard Winter

Peter didn’t have to wait long for his first visit to another Lodge! Exmoor’s Lodge Membership Officer and Mentor, W.Bro Clive Dunster, invited him to Wellington School Lodge’s meeting, held just two days later, where Peter was able to relax whilst watching their new-made Brother, Guy Lambert, being Initiated into the Lodge. This also included a quite brilliant and, seldom seen, explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board delivered by W.Bro Jon Cozens.

This was an ideal start to Peter’s Masonic journey. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being able to witness again, the ceremony that he had recently been through, as well as realising the many benefits to be gained from visiting other Lodges.

The Brethren of Exmoor Lodge will ensure that his Masonic journey is both enlightening and, most importantly, enjoyable for him in the years to come.

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